Sunday, March 20, 2005


Vernal Equinox. Snow is melting. I love winter, but am freaking ready to see a crocus bloom, as my friend Holly says.

Been perusing the seed and bulb catalogues, too. I wonder what is already out there in my yard? No idea as I came here in late autumn. Hopefully tiger lilies! I do know there is a hedge of purple lilacs. Can't wait to get out there and paint that!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Canadian Music Week

Just back from Canadian Music Week 2005, a conference that I look forward to every year, extroverted schmoozer that I am. Unfortunately I got very ill and spent most of it watching the ceiling spin in my lovely room at the top of the Fairmont Royal York, and lovingly tweaking my iTunes library while listening to others' music on their computers via the hotel ethernet. So cool. It is interesting to see what folks have on their playlists. One obvious Dad had a whole section of Barney songs for kids beside his folder of Slayer tunes. I didn't listen to those, but to ones in his library I had never heard of; a novel way to discover new ear candy. Thank you, unknown hotel dj, and thank you, Steve Jobs!!

However ill, I did get to snap Manitoba's Driver on the Friday night, and talented BC singer/songwriterChristineEvans on Monday at her First Canadian Place show. Chris is so sweet and genuine!

Also took a series of pics of Erin and her charming bandmates in A Girl Called Eddy. I really connected with their live show. Considering the music-heavy weekend it followed, 'was great to see a good turnout at her Soundscapes in-store and Horseshoe concert.

I really regret not being able to see Japan's Guitar Wolf on the Saturday, and I missed Limblifter, too. *sulk*

Arun of Driver is gonna be a huge star. He has charisma charisma charisma!