Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ostrich Fern Blues

The ferns are peeking up from the earth, and are about to unfurl. It is all I can do not to eat these fiddleheads with drawn butter, but no, I shall let them grow.

I'm sharing so much photography lately, because I have a bit of a block painting-wise these days. It sucks. I get out there, and nothing good happens on my Arches.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Brokenose Cove

Spent 7 hours at emerg clinic last Sunday. Broke my nose (fainted when I had that nasty 6 week long flu I caught at CMW '06) and it is all infected. And the infection has spread. I feel like hell. When will it end?? Hope the new antibiotics kick in soon!

So, I am forced to rest and recoup. Those who know my bouncy bohemian nature know I am not so good at that...

No time like the present to post in my poor, neglected journal!

Speaking of Rogers Canadian Music Week 2006, here are a few photographs.

Matt Mays and El Torpedo play the 'Sirius / Standard Radio Showcase" at The Phoenix
Shot handheld with my beloved Canon EF 16-35L f2.8.

Poor Pelly and The Kent Boys at Cadillac Lounge.
Unique. Love that washtub bass!

"Barshots TV" Producer Paddy Fagen in the Epic Lounge at Fairmont Royal York.
He smelled wonderful.

One day, I was lucky enough to be granted a pass from House of Blues to shoot Dallas Green (City and Colour, Alexisonfire)

Lots more at this linky

I have not been painting lately but hope to get back to that as soon as I recover. Thanks to Jacq for the recent encouragement on that front. ;-)