Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big Sur: Realizing a Dream

On my list of top ten locations I desire to paint from life: Big Sur, California. Recently I was afforded the opportunity to do so, with the company of someone dear to me as a guide and muse.

The last time I saw this part of the world it was shrouded in heavy rain and fog. On that foray, I didn’t get to see much until I made my way to the South where I was finally able to paint at Laguna Beach.

This time the sun shone, and everything was crystal clear. Imagine my sheer joy as I rounded the first series of ocean cliffs on California One after landing in San Francisco… I burst into tears at the beauty! Such visceral reactions to landscapes are always a good omen for the flavour of the paintings to follow.

enjoying the view with Kida the amazing Alaskan Malamute

Here, warm up pieces painted near Santa Cruz:

"Garden at Bonny Doon" oil on canvas / Brandy Gale 2012
"Pacific Blue" oil on canvas / Brandy Gale 2012

Folllowed by a night on the town to see Psychedelic Surf greats The MERMEN!

poster for Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz

En route to Big Sur, a stop at Henry Miller Memorial Library
Brandy Gale at Henry Miller Memorial Library

Henry Miller says paint:

poster in washroom at Henry Miller Memorial Library

So I did.

Brandy Gale painting at Big Sur

The colours sang, the water flowed into my hands, and all was right with my world. I am deeply grateful to have had such a dream come true. Until we meet again, California I am yours.