Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Heads up - The Raveonettes had their gear swiped. GRRRRRRRR...

We are completely devastated. Our gear was stolen on Friday Oct. 7 in Brooklyn, NYC. So much has been lost, but these 4 listed underneath are truly the things that matter to us... like Wagner's Jazzmaster from 1961 that he has lived & travelled with, played & written on for the past 12 years. And Sharin's beloved Gretsch from 1965. If you see or hear anything about these 2 guitars and 2 basses please email us immediately on info@theraveonettesDOTcom and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

Yours, Sharin & Sune

• Gretsch
Chet Atkins 6120 1965 Guitar Orange V89V391

• Fender Jazzmaster Guitar, Sunburst 55820

• Fender Precission 1974 Bassguitar L. Tan 317392

• Rickenbacker 4001 1974 Bassguitar OK 7546


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Even More Sedona

Gallery hop: Loved all the gorgeous raku pots I saw in the galleries. Some extremely creative jewelry and glass work, too. I coveted a particular glass jellyfish very much. The painting scene was mainly limited to imitative photorealism in oil; (ubiquitous renderings of Cathedral Rock, women grinding corn, chief on horseback in full regalia, vaguely homoerotic cowboys, etc.)

At Sedona Art Center, however, I found the art in the galleries to be more varied. There’s even a huge live Plein Air Festival later this month – wish I could have participated. Met a neat fibre artist named Barbara who was volunteering at reception that afternoon.

Foodwise, Sedona is really mixed – everything from Indian to Sushi – and certainly lots of Mexican, which is what I go for.

An order of cactus pads at Oaxaca was a novelty! They are rather like okra in texture, (think the Alien movies, with the stringy goo) and taste like they might have peyote in them. The shpines were removed.

Monday, October 10, 2005

More Sedona

Dramatic spires tell time by the millenium. There is life in the rocks – microscopic blue-green algae, in a tiny cosmic balance: little wonder that mythologies develop around this sort of geological phenomena. There are areas where it is strictly forbidden to climb on the rocks, as it will upset the ecological balance of this living “crust.”

Word of the day = Grounded: No way could you ever be concerned about trivial matters when confronted with ancient rocks like these... they were there before you and shall remain there, passively, long after you are gone.

Not to be missed: the Chapel of the Holy Cross, built by Marguerite Staude, a sculptor and Frank Lloyd Wright fan, in 1956. Nestled high in the red rocks, its architecture is mid-century modern perfect. I was incredibly motivated to sketch there. A very special spot not to be missed, regardless of your faith.

Rosy mesas, canyons, striations, jaw dropping sunsets... At one point, I sighed, “That sky is so incredible, yet if I were to paint it thusly, no one will be believe it was really that way!”


Ahhh Sedona... I was first there 23 years ago – man, has it ever grown! But the red rocks are the same. Just remember to look up, not across at the strip mall selling trinkets and time shares. The vibe is more commercial, but head out off the beaten track as I did and you’ll be rewarded.

Coconino National Forest and its spectacular views:
Stare at these vistas long enough and you start to see things...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sun Lakes, Arizona

I'm working in Sun Lakes, Arizona - it is freaking hot!!!