Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Live at Niagara Falls

I was a registered participant in the International Plein Air Painters' Worldwide Paintout, September 10 - 12, 2004. I painted in Niagara Falls, Ontario, live! while everyone watched. Two of my works completed were exhibited in a juried show during the Niagara Wine & Food Classic, and I was very honoured to be presented with IPAP Founder's Award for my work, "Niagara Falls Away."

What a riot it was to meet artists from all over and paint together! Jacqueline and Charlie did a fantastic job organizing this worldwide event. (I am just aching to join Jacq in Monhegan Island, Maine someday to paint.)

Niagara to me looks like aqua and emerald coloured eels slipping lemminglike over into the foamy abyss. In my paintings that day, I tried to capture that and the rushing sound, and mist in the air. Watercolour was an obvious medium to use! (pic by Robert Gale.)

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