Friday, July 01, 2005

Canada Day

It is a holiday here at Single Malt Cove. Today, my adopted country turns 138 years old.

Since 1868 in Canada, July 1st has been known as Dominion or Canada Day. We celebrate with a day off for all, eat, drink, party throw concerts, and barbecue, and giggle about some of our countries achievements. Did you know a Canadian invented/discovered insulin, basketball, zippers, garbage bags, Superman, chocolate bars with nuts, the electric light bulb, and the push-up bra? Alexander Graham Bell, a Scot, invented the telephone while living in Canada. (I wish it had never been invented, but oh well LOL.)

I don't often get patriotic, but today I feel a little extra proud to be a Canuck because we have at long last decided not to legislate love. This week, my country made it lawful for gays and lesbians to marry, across the country. This means in every province they can enjoy the rights, satisfactions, and responsibilities of modern marriage, and also receive the benefits of such a legal union, such as spousal health care, pensions, and finally being considered a family member and be permitted in the hospital room if one's partner is dying. We are the third country in the world to allow this, after Belgium and The Netherlands. Spain became the fourth country just yesterday.

Same gender marriages hurt no one. And it is good for the economy. :-)

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