Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A few photos from the opening of Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility: The paintings of Patricia Woodley and Brandy Gale
January 8, 2009 - exhibition opening - Campus Gallery - Helen and Arch Brown Center for the Visual Arts, Barrie, Ontario, Canada. (click pic to enlarge)

Gallery entrance, with a visual pun to start the show: Woodley's stark red canvas beside Gale's pair of pochades painted on Cadmium Red grounds.

There were two tables of fabulous food catered by Simply Yummee

visitors at the bar in the foyer...

I cannot contain my delight at the surprise showing up of dear, supportive friends Lylie and John Punter!

Curator Fullerton talks about the exhibition's intent before introducing the artists.

I thanked those in attendance (approx 150 souls) for making it out on a freezing January night, because Art matters, dammit!

Fantastic Jazz guitarists set the mood beside "Tunnel Through the Rockies" by Brandy Gale

Patricia Woodley may be camera shy, but her works are not! Above, one of Woodley's "internal landscapes."

Brandy Gale's pochades

Two works by Patricia Woodley

"Coming in for the Night" by Brandy Gale

"Kinetic Nature" by Brandy Gale

I spoke with a student who had done his homework and had many interesting questions for me to ponder!

Speaking to students in attendance.

The sole framed canvas in the exhibition: Gale's "Thermals over Mt St Perrin", was positioned beside Woodley's "finished, yet unfinished" landscape below. Part of the curator's intent for the exhibition was to show and compare/contrast process... each artist has a very different approach to working with landscape. Woodley works in her studio and I work on location, outside, in the field, yet we both share some similarities in the outcome. The works danced together so interestingly in the gallery space. I was delighted!

L-R: Prince Edward County artists! Brandy Gale, Joan MacKay, and Mia Lane

Post show HAPPIES! Those who know me will get this one.
;-) Show is on until February 1, 2009 - pop in if you can. Thanks to Bobby for taking some of these. Cheers, BKG

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