Thursday, January 20, 2011

From Single Malt Cove - January 20, 2011 Column: PEC as Cultural Artifact

Discover the world in PEC

From Single Malt Cove

By Brandy Gale

Single Malt Cove in The County is my home, but the other day I was thinking of how one can never know any place completely. Making foreign places not so foreign has been a passion of mine since I took my first baby steps in the Grottos de Han, a cave system near Rochfort, Belgium.

As a military brat, growing up all over the planet with my beloved family exposed me to constant challenges of adaptation and taught me to explore new cultures rather than fear their different-ness. As a young adult, I peregrinated for many years: a jaunt here, an expedition there, learning and exploring.
More recently, I've painted during my forays. I invent an alternative landscape of sorts, a semi-abstract one that hopefully captures some essence of the locale.

In between creative sessions, my artistic soul moves among the location's people, landscape, customs, ideas, and culture. Whatever a place's gifts are, I seek to communicate them to others on canvas: souvenirs of my own journey to seek beauty, light and all things centred and positive. To me, this is happiness worth pursuing anywhere.

If you're interested in the world, in people, in art and culture, in discovering a meaningful way to live your life and how to be happy, then The County is a wonderful spot to...

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