Monday, October 10, 2005

More Sedona

Dramatic spires tell time by the millenium. There is life in the rocks – microscopic blue-green algae, in a tiny cosmic balance: little wonder that mythologies develop around this sort of geological phenomena. There are areas where it is strictly forbidden to climb on the rocks, as it will upset the ecological balance of this living “crust.”

Word of the day = Grounded: No way could you ever be concerned about trivial matters when confronted with ancient rocks like these... they were there before you and shall remain there, passively, long after you are gone.

Not to be missed: the Chapel of the Holy Cross, built by Marguerite Staude, a sculptor and Frank Lloyd Wright fan, in 1956. Nestled high in the red rocks, its architecture is mid-century modern perfect. I was incredibly motivated to sketch there. A very special spot not to be missed, regardless of your faith.

Rosy mesas, canyons, striations, jaw dropping sunsets... At one point, I sighed, “That sky is so incredible, yet if I were to paint it thusly, no one will be believe it was really that way!”

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