Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Even More Sedona

Gallery hop: Loved all the gorgeous raku pots I saw in the galleries. Some extremely creative jewelry and glass work, too. I coveted a particular glass jellyfish very much. The painting scene was mainly limited to imitative photorealism in oil; (ubiquitous renderings of Cathedral Rock, women grinding corn, chief on horseback in full regalia, vaguely homoerotic cowboys, etc.)

At Sedona Art Center, however, I found the art in the galleries to be more varied. There’s even a huge live Plein Air Festival later this month – wish I could have participated. Met a neat fibre artist named Barbara who was volunteering at reception that afternoon.

Foodwise, Sedona is really mixed – everything from Indian to Sushi – and certainly lots of Mexican, which is what I go for.

An order of cactus pads at Oaxaca was a novelty! They are rather like okra in texture, (think the Alien movies, with the stringy goo) and taste like they might have peyote in them. The shpines were removed.

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