Thursday, September 28, 2006

Autumn Plein Air Pleasures - Part 2: British Columbia

(Well, better late than never, here is Part Two. I have been busy making art. My poor, neglected blog. But it's such a left brain process to write in here.)

After Niagara, I raced home to tackle Laundry Mountain, in anticipation of heading to some REAL mountains, the Canadian Rockies that is.

After boarding a jumbo jet for Vancouver, we took a small plane into the BC interior. Destination: gorgeous Kelowna. On the Saturday, I photographed Sleddogs on a boat cruise - the 'dogs are always such a blast. Here I am all bundled up and happy, pic by The GOAT, Lloydminster's APD/MD Poncho Parker: (what a great guy, too!)

No, those are not my crutches.

Then off to Lake Louise by car. Painting all the way.

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