Friday, September 01, 2006

New Web Site

September is here, along with the exciting autumn painting season. The leaves are starting to change, and I have made some changes myself!

After many hours of effort, I am pleased to announce my brand new web site, Brandy Gale - Alla Prima and Plein Air Paintings

It's all part of a focus to stay up to date with function and design, and to make my web presence more of an asset to my pursuits as a plein air artist. shall forward to this URL now, and and have been redesigned to complement's focus on plein air painting.

I gratefully acknowledge the valuable website consulting assistance of Artist Marketing Coach Alyson B. Stanfield, of Stanfield Art Associates, Inc.. Also, many thanks to Paula Lohmeier for her long-distance help with editing and fine-tuning the copy and links yesterday.

I hope visitors will enjoy the new site. Off to prepare for guests for the long weekend. Yippee!


brad gerleman said...

i was in the www neighborhood and thought to pop my head in and say howdy!

the work is wonderful.

happy trails!

brad gerleman

lee ann bandy said...

i'll agree with brad, the work is nice. glad you two are keeping in touch, "kitten dear."

- lee ann, aka mrs. brad

Brandy Gale said...

Thanks, Lee Ann! Hope you are both well and happy. :-)

Brad and I sat together in Mrs Scott's class, with BeeJay and another gal. He always had his camera, and I my drawing pens. Brad was a good friend to me and always had an open ear for the laments of a teenage girl who missed her friends up North so badly. It was difficult moving to a strange new country in your last year of high school, that's for sure.

He is so right about Leavenworth having a dearth of art opportunities back in the day. The school was all sports sports and more sports. I do remember being asked to paint the mural in the cafeteria, though!

Kind regards,