Monday, March 26, 2007

Updated schedule for 2007

Just back from a gloriously productive stay in Barbados. Lots of new work to catalog, some of which will be shown at a new gallery near Kingston, Ontario for their debut exhibition.

More than ever it seems to me that the right-brained activity of painting doesn't always vibe with the left brained actions of composing an online diary. My apologies for the lack of recent journal updates, but I've been so incredibly busy - outside and away, creating! There are several new paintings in the web site's galleries, notably winterscapes from Lake Louise.

Working in the field at 7000 feet, Alberta. Photo: Dr Claire Weigand

That snow is now a distant dream. Spring and summer stretch themselves in front of me most invitingly. Here is my painting schedule updated with some exciting new destinations:

April, 2007: in studio prepping large canvases for January 2009 show in Barrie

May 2 - 6, 2007: Vancouver BC

May 6 - 10, 2007: Vancouver Island (and maybe Quadra Island)

Mid May, 2007: Prince Edward County springtime

Late May: Gananoque and Hill Island

June, 2007: California Coast, Laguna Beach and hopefully San Diego

July 2007: Upstate New York
Monheghan Island, Maine (yes, I am finally going to paint there!)
Maritime Canada

August 2007: Northern Ontario

Early September 2007: Niagara Falls

Mid September, 2007: Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta

Winter, 2007: Scottsdale, AZ: Sedona, AZ, Utah

Sincere thanks to my friends, family, fellow artists, galleries, mentors and my treasured clients: I could not accomplish my goals without your continued support!

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