Saturday, April 14, 2007

Caribbean Winter, West Coast Spring

Have almost completed documenting the many works from Barbados. I found the distant reefs and their pools of hummingbird-wing green water irresistible.

The above is one of six in a series. This one was done later in the day:

Of course, it was sultry and sunny most of the time - resulting in efforts like this, created at Martin's Bay (also known as The Soup Bowl.) Martin's Bay is adjacent to Bathsheba, my favourite part of this beautiful country - a remote, rugged paradise, where huge hunks of coral lie in the crashing surf like beached dinosaur skulls.

Lots more to come.

Some news that makes me very happy - Just confirmed Quadra Island, British Columbia for a couple days in early May, where fellow plein artist Nanci Cook has a charming B&B. Really looking forward to meeting her and working in such a gorgeous area!

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Sound the Bugle Studio said...

Brandy, these new paintings are gorgeous! I am in total awe.