Monday, May 28, 2007

Reading, Dreams, Oil and Art

I love to read, and try to never leave the house without a book or some essays in my bag. (I am into non-fiction.) Saves one from going mad while waiting for someone/thing, especially if there is a television blaring where one is waiting.

A while back, I became quite absorbed in an article about Peak Oil that I found online while researching homesteading. I was on an airplane of all places. This reading triggered the resurgence of a series of recurring, post-apocalyptic dreams that I have had since childhood. These events have deeply affected my recent work.

In my dreams, and now in person while working on site, beautiful lands and waters speak in colours and shapes as a reaction to what humans have done to them. It is where I derive some of the emotional reds and oranges, the sharp points, and dark gapes in my recent landscapes. I try not to personify my 'scapes, but I do paint what I see, and I see this more and more out in the field.

There is a meaningful environmental theme threading through in these new works that I'd like to explore. I can see this developing quite distinctly.

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P-Loh said...

We got a good preview of this last fall with some of your works from the Okanagan. "Clear Cut" comes to mind.