Friday, June 15, 2007

Ten by Ten

I am now on number four of my environment-related landscape series. These are large paintings, some several feet wide and tall. Being a teeny thing myself, I love the sheer physicalness of these! I have to jump and stretch and use my whole body to make some of the brush strokes.

Working on the larger paintings has its drawbacks. I may plough right through a frenzied mountainous section, but then the cirrus clouds will demand careful attention. I make a few large strokes of sky, and then I must wait for them to dry with zen-like patience. These times where I am literally "watching paint dry" pass slowly if I do not have something to occupy my brain. I have to walk away from the work for a bit, or else I'll screw it up and overdo it.

Some things I am unable to do, like accounting. It spoils the creative process. Reading, researching and listening to music is okay. Blogging is on the borderline, because you are putting yourself out there and are hence self-conscious. Running with the dog in the woods is best. :-)

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