Monday, July 30, 2007

Notes from my Monhegan Journal: Part Two


Felt better the second day. Very happy, not as wound up. I could live here, yes. People think I do. Asking directions, or if they can take my photo – as if I was some local “character.” (I wish!) Photographed by a pleasant gal from San Francisco, there on a day workshop. Photographed by someone doing an article on Monhegan for a US magazine. It’s the flamingo-medusa hair, (no hairdryer here!), the pigment spattered gear, the wrinkled blue eyes, the streaks of green paint on my forehead that I do not notice.

This is the local newspaper: people leave notes, news, ads and announcements on this shed.

As I was crouched snapping the above photograph, I turned to see this: name on tag = BEAR:

…and along came this formidable creature:

Jovial artist Molly is nearby, who tells me the cat’s name is Zsa Zsa.

The pair merely tolerate one another…

Not Siamese, but local cats nonetheless. Very healthy, de-sexed, and happy as can be on the little island.

Painted in the graveyard today, in the rain. Dipping into my big brush sepia. Raindrops making blossoms on the sky.

That is my yellow umbrella. Yes, I “WOOOOOOOHHHED” a couple of unsuspecting tourists as they traipsed whistling past the graveyard. ;-)

Found watercolourist Lawrence Goldsmith’s grave today. His wife Linda decorated it with rocks and bits of sea glass from their travels. Tear.

That evening:

Talent night at the church: kids on violin, a lone boy doing a dance number to “Route 66”. A red haired cartoon kid told jokes. Lots of females doing folk songs and playing extinct instruments. I’ve heard the mermaids singing, or at least, the trio of chin singers doing something from Little Mermaid, followed by Monty Python. Goth Goth Goth, a parody on guitar. Slam poet from outta town, reads one about Kerouac and his being drunk and sober not mattering in the long run, his message still holds true.

Of course, there was also Sara, fifth in line. Sara, (friend of Rauschenberg, she was immortalized in a famous photo snapped at Studio 54 with Warhol and Bianca Jagger), who had knocked on my door at 7:20pm looking for costume help, and a spot near the church to get ready. Of course I obliged! I was delighted that she felt comfortable enough to tap at my door. I gave her makeup and scarves, for her rendition of a monologue/song as Edie from Gray Gardens. She was fabulous, dahling.

Sara helped me collect sea glass, and liked my graveyards. :-) Even better, she understood them. Pushed away the representational one of the lighthouse (that I did as a challenge to myself to see if I could still do realism, ha!) and pointed at the dark graves with a grin.

Here she is painting in the cemetery. We swapped paintings on the last day.

J. liked my graveyard pieces as well. Lots of praise today from someone who rarely gives it. But that is what makes her a great mentor.

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