Monday, July 30, 2007

Notes from my Monhegan Journal: Part Three


I have utterly forgotten who my muses are. I look at the list, and am surprised. They are so very far away. Strange.

Maybe they are the cats, Bear and Zsa Zsa.

Off to paint “Burnt Head” today. My setup:

Looking down:

I chat with with sparkly Carol and her daughter, the intensely beautiful Cynthia. Cynthia who has no TV. J. shoots a video as I help Betty with her easel and then moon the camera unknowingly. I throw laughs over my shoulder to Dan, the kind cancer doctor with the white shepherd like mine. Dan, a long-time drawer, is here to exercise his right brain. We both race back up the cliff when J. alerts us to the tourist above walking a big white dog just like ours!

Some pochades: sorry, the colour is way off. (I only brought a small point and shoot. Camzilla stayed in Canada due to the weight of all the lenses, etc.)

Paint-wise, I have found my groove at last, and I shout it from the cliffs! The other artists laugh. They know.

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