Monday, August 13, 2007

Oakville: Part 3

The final night takes place at the Win Henstock Gallery, where the staff have expertly hung the show. The upper gallery space is quite special. One wall is painted red a la the Tate, and I had hoped hard that if my work was accepted, that it had been hung on that incredibly striking surface. As I reached the entrance, I see five of my works are indeed hung on the red wall! Yippee! But where are the other two? Artist Cathie Gellatly grins slyly and points at the two paintings that didn't make the red wall. There they were, both Honorable Mentions, on the "Winner's Wall". Well, I just couldn't believe it. Wow! What an unexpected honour. Also to my great delight, old friends Holly and Jim have shown up for the opening.

(pic by Holly Walker)

I mingle, do the schmooze. I actually enjoy this part. Those who know me will laugh in understanding agreement. I am a born extrovert and just cannot help myself when it comes to meeting people and listening to their stories.

I must say, the best story from the Paint Out has got to go to
Robert Amirault. Bob's painting of water lilies at Gairloch had somehow managed to tumble unseen into the busy parking lot, wet side up. After an exhaustive search complete with scent hounds on the trail, the poor panel was discovered. It had been run over by a good 10,000 tires. Demonstrating an extraordinary sense of humour, Bob submitted the black, gritty panel to the show, framed in an exquisite gilt frame, and titled it, "Ask Bob." Classic!

Afterwards, a bunch of us go to an Irish Pub for drinks and enjoy their version of the ongoing Oakville Jazz Festival. A perfect day. I hope that Plein Air Canada, Win Henstock Gallery, and Oakville host a Paint Out again sometime. Well done, all!

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