Monday, September 10, 2007

Niagara Falls - IPAP World Wide Paint Out 2007

I am in Niagara Falls for the 5th Annual IPAP World Wide Paint Out. Haven't been feeling so great physically lately, but my mind is hopefully here in full creative mode. Having worked here on several occasions, Niagara is now very familiar to me. I wonder if I will see anything fresh and new this trip?

The first day is monumentally frustrating. I cannot find my way! The wind tests my good nature and topples my easel repeatedly. I end up crouching to paint via the protection of a low wall. What does cheer me is seeing Debi Harwick painting one of the caleche horses, whilst singing along with her companion on guitar.

The next day is better. I truly enjoy the Quick Draw portion, and my entry, "Cobalt Trees" finds a home with someone who sees it at the outdoor exhibit. Ohio's Debra Joyce Dawson worked quietly behind me, painting my portrait en plein air, as I painted.

(I promise to insert a photo here, really)

So, I did see something fresh and new on this trip, through someone else's eyes.

As for my results, I am most satisfied with this work: it carries on the theme that I am exploring with cadmium red light. I find myself moving away from realism once again, and seeing everything in terms of the dialogues of energy, shape, mood and such. The pull is very strong. Can you give me a solid reason why I should I deny it?

The opening reception at Eagle Valley Golf Club is somewhat bittersweet. Jacq Baldini announces that this will be the last IPAP World Wide Paint Out that she will host in Niagara Falls, Ontario. While I do agree that it is time for someone else to take up the torch in another fabulous location, it will be sad to close this chapter of Plein Air history. Kudos to you, Jacq and your team, for all your fine efforts over the years in Niagara!

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