Thursday, June 09, 2005

North By Northeast

It;'s that time again, the "snakepit of excitement" that is NXNE.Had a great ol time at the EMI rooftop party, where Bobby snapped me with Canadian Idol Kalan Porter for my dear friend Heather, who is nuts about him - hee hee hee! (Hi Head!)

It was damn hot up there. I kept pouring bottled ice water on my head and then shaking like a wet dog, to the delight of Beau Randall. Hi Bo'!

Like my hilarious dress? It's so Wilma Flintstone. It is actually a circa 1981 Guy Laroche sarong from France, with a slit up to there. Font font font, eh?! Collecting and wearing vintage clothing is a passion of mine. Just found a new place to shop, too - Hooked On Vintage. Check it out!

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