Sunday, June 05, 2005

Vermont / Aimee Mann

I am in Vermont on a painting trip! (see allaprima for the results.)

OMG I'm moving to Vermont. (just kidding) but seriously, I adore it there. Overnighted  in Burlington and felt so at home. Everyone was so NICE and interesting! No chain stores! No hideous WalMart!! Every shop is a bike shop or cool sports store or art supply place - dogs welcome everywhere. Restaurants, oh the FOOOD... Gorged myself on Mexican and beer at a waterfront cafe. They made me some REAL, AUTHENTIC lime-marinated ceviche! Gaaa!!

Then there's the countryside. I painted my heart out for one afternoon in the Champlain Islands. Lots of neat bogs and strange plant life. I wanted to paint in the mountains, however, it was drizzling there, and that doesn't bode well for watercolours unless you are painting Niagara Falls and you WANT the happy accidents that the mist in the air produces!

I am going back there as soon as I can, bringing my bike and my white shepherd, Gorjuss, too. The Windjammer Inn and Conference Center encourages guests to bring their dogs. They have 52 acres of dog walking trails on the land. Wowowowowow!!!

On Sunday night, snapped Aimee Mann at South Burlington's Higher Ground. This is a fabulous venue - if you get a chance, see a show or 3 there. They pour heavy if you order a nice Scotch. ;-))) I can also highly recommend the friendly take-out pizza stand at Marco's (? I'll have to check the name) a couple doors down.

I have seen Aimee before, but this was the first time I truly connected with her work at a live performance. It was magical, honest, personal and unhurried, and she was in a pretty good mood, able to laugh with the audience about having lost her luggage earlier that day. I think she felt pretty comfortable in Burlington, and the audience was very appreciative.

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