Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Raveonettes

In Montreal at the Fairmont Queen-E for various work-related activity. Quebec is a whole 'nother world, with wonderful old buildings, amazing culture, and real CROISSANTS!!! But the best part was tonight's Cafe Campus show, with my favourite band in thewholewideworld, The Raveonettes. They were incredible, and I was, as always when I see them, a very happy Pinkie. Snapped a few shots. Afterwards, it was Jagermeisters for all, single malt for yours truly, (and a lime wedgie for the bassist...) and a hang-out at the Copacabana on St. Laurent. These are really nice, super talented people, please support them. Sharon is a very cool, stylin' kitten, (check the shoes!), Jakob is a sweetheart, and Sune is a freaking genius, drawing on musical elements that are legendary riff and vocal-wise, combining them with his own brilliance, and making em even better. I know, it sounds like I am gushing, but I really am a fan, even with all the music in my daily life - these cats stand out.

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