Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Bon Echo Experience

(^photo: Robert Fowler)

I participated in the Friends of Bon Echo 2009 juried Art Exhibition and Sale of Canadian Original Art last week. It was the first time I had ever done an outdoor show of this sort. I could not believe how long it took to get set up! Many thanks to my Uncle Kif for the gift of a canopy. Fortunately my friend Mia Lane was in the tent beside me and showed me the ropes. Other artists there were very forthcoming with their advice as well!

My set up: flying by the seat of my pants

To my great delight, I enjoyed several sales of originals, including the Algonquin piece pictured here at the centre.

Note the IPAP brochures! I am the Blog Admin and the Executive Ambassador for this organization of plein air painters worldwide.

Mia and I stayed at her family's hunting camp about 80kms away.

We arrived and it was getting dark...

This is the bathroom

Peeeeeewwwwww! ;-)
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