Sunday, August 02, 2009

Marsh Painting in a Bikini

The day after Bon Echo, Mia and I stayed an extra day at her family's hunting camp to paint the fabulous marsh expanses at the back of the lodge. It was muggy. It was buggy!

Mia painting from the deck.

The will to paint, the obsession, takes many forms. For me that day, it meant donning something that allowed breeze and no bees:

Strike the pose! (pic by Mia Lane)

Enal Aim painting outside the rules with random abandon. Yippee!

Must have coffee. (Beagle mug by Mia Lane)

See? You need a bug suit in Canada. * nods *


jens said...

What are you defending yourself with in the "big bug" picture?

I'd say you need AT LEAST a light saber!

Sri Debi said...

First time on your blog Brandy. You sure don't disappoint!!! I absolutely love the bikini bug plein air outfit. Thanks for sharing.